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RevolutionEHR Release Update

We are preparing additional ICD-10 related updates to RevolutionEHR 6.2.18, which will go live on Tuesday, October 11th.

These updates include:

Indicators have been added alerting that an ICD-10 code has been deleted
PQRS Alerts have been updated to include the new ICD-10 codes
Clinical Quality Measures have been updated to include the new ICD-10 codes

You can learn more about these updates by checking out the release notes below. read on >
application news
RevIntegrator Now Automates Image Uploads to Exams

We are pleased to announce that RevIntegrator now automates image uploads to exams.

Images and other files captured by virtually any device can now be automatically uploaded and quickly associated with the exam in RevolutionEHR, providing easy access, viewing and reference for ongoing patient care.

Join Dr. John Warren as he demonstrates ...  read on >
company news
Rev360 Announces RevAspire

As you may recall, in September we announced the launch of Rev360 - a new ECP business services company. Rev360 business services offer ...  read on >
staff tips
Error 4 Explanation

This error is generated by having more than 4 diagnosis codes on 1 line item on the invoice. The error occurs when attempting to submit claims.
Claims with these errors can be found and corrected in Administration > Accounting > Claims > Search Claims

Choose ‘error’ in the Processing Status dropdown and ...  read on >
doc tips
Orders Medical User Guide

We've created an Orders Medical User Guide - check it out at the link below.  We hope you find this ...  read on >

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