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RevolutionEHR 6.2.22 Release

The release of RevolutionEHR 6.2.22 will take place Thursday, April 27th at 11:00pm CDT. The system will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours during this time. If you are logged in at 11:00pm CDT on April 27th, you will receive an error message and may lose data currently being entered. It is very important that you log off prior to 11:00pm CDT on April 27th.

This release brings several enhancements, including a new, mobile-optimized experience for viewing and navigating Alerts and Service History within the patient file. To learn more about ...  read on >
application news
Announcing Auto Diagnosis

We are happy to announce that Auto Diagnosis will be enabled in RevolutionEHR on Friday, May 19th.

The Auto Diagnosis feature will:

Suggest prepopulated ICD codes based on the finding chosen
Allow for Activating, Deactivating and Changing the Destination of your Auto Diagnosis rules
Offer the ability to change the suggested ...  read on >
company news
RevolutionEHR Update - Looking Forward to an Amazing 2017

Hello RevolutionEHR users!

I hope this message finds you doing well. I wanted to share a few updates and insights into ...  read on >
staff tips
Error 4 Explanation

This error is generated by having more than 4 diagnosis codes on 1 line item on the invoice. The error occurs when attempting to submit claims.
Claims with these errors can be found and corrected in Administration > Accounting > Claims > Search Claims

Choose ‘error’ in the Processing Status dropdown and ...  read on >
doc tips
Orders Medical User Guide

We've created an Orders Medical User Guide - check it out at the link below.  We hope you find this ...  read on >

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