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referral program
RevolutionEHR Customer Referral Program

At RevolutionEHR we know that our best advocates are our own customers. We understand that a recommendation made by a trusted peer is one of the strongest influences for an optometrist selecting a solution for their practice.  Referrals only come when you truly believe in the RevolutionEHR solution and team. We must earn your referrals.

So, why do we have this program?

  • First, a referral is a gracious act, and we want to show our gratitude for your trust and confidence.
  • Second, we simply want to demonstrate how important referrals are to us.

Customer Referral Rewards

When a doctor you referred to us becomes a RevolutionEHR customer, we will provide you a customer referral reward by waiving 1 doctor’s monthly access fee for you (up to $385) the month after your referral signs on with RevolutionEHR.

A great RevolutionEHR referral is a doctor that….

  • is opening a new practice
  • is looking to implement EHR for the first time
  • is unhappy with their current PMS / EHR

For simply sending us a referral, we will provide you the choice of one of the following:

  • $25 Starbucks gift card
  • $25 iTunes gift card
  • $25 donation to Optometry Giving Sight (in your practice’s name)

Click on the submit a referral button to send us your referral. You can also email or call us – all we need is the name, phone number and email address of the doctor you are referring.

We appreciate your business and hope to continue to earn your referrals.

Like Us on Facebook

One of the easiest ways you can help refer RevolutionEHR to your colleagues is to “Like” us on Facebook. It’s as easy as clicking the “Like” button below.

Practice Visit Site Rewards

Optometrists looking at RevolutionEHR often ask us if they can visit a practice to see RevolutionEHR in action. These visits are a strong influence for doctors who are considering purchasing RevolutionEHR for their practice.

If you are willing to host a practice visit for us, we’ll treat the visiting doctor as your referral and reward you by waiving 1 doctor’s monthly access fee for you (up to $385) the month after they come on board with RevolutionEHR.

Simply click the become a practice visit site button to get started.





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