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Updating Your Browser on Windows XP
Posted: March 27, 2014

The highest version of Internet Explorer supported by Windows XP is IE 8.   Because the most recent version of IE is IE11 you will not be able to run RevolutionEHR in the Polaris experience on your Windows XP computers using IE.  However, all versions of Chrome are supported for Windows XP, so you can still get the Polaris experience on your XP computer in Chrome.  The most recent version of Firefox is also supported in XP as long as you have Service Pack 3 downloaded for your Windows XP.

The classic experience of RevolutionEHR will continue to run on lower versions of browsers so you can still access the classic experience on your Windows XP computer in IE8.   Please remember that new features like messaging are only available in the Polaris experience.

For more information on updating your browser, click here.





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