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LOINC Common Codes
Posted: April 8, 2014

The following is a list of common LOINC codes for generating orders-medical.   In addition to the common LOINC codes we have listed below, if needed you can use the following link to search for additional common LOINC codes:

LOINC     Component description (simplified)
57119-0   Ophthalmic OCT panel
57108-3   Macular point thickness OCT
57109-1   Macular subfield thickness OCT
57112-5   Macular grid.inner inferior subfield thickness OCT
57111-7   Macular grid.inner nasal subfield thickness OCT
57110-9   Macular grid.inner superior point thickness OCT
57113-3   Macular grid.inner temporal point thickness OCT
57116-6   Macular grid.outer inferior subfield thickness OCT
57115-8   Macular grid.outer nasal subfield thickness OCT
57114-1   Macular grid.outer superior point thickness OCT
57117-4   Macular grid.outer temporal point thickness OCT
57118-2   Macular volume OCT
65900-3   Retinal digital photography – Flash setting
65901-1   Images captured in the retinal digital photography Number
65904-5   Eye.left – fields photographed in retinal digital photography
65898-9   Eye.right – fields photographed in retinal digital photography
62709-1   PhenX retinal digital photography protocol
65905-2   Other eye field – Eye-left Retinal digital photography
65899-7   Other eye field – Eye-right Retinal digital photography
70940-2   Confrontation visual field
28629-4   Perimetry study
29046-2   Perimeter format Goldmann
29046-0   Perimeter format Humphrey
29053-6   Perimeter format Kowa
29047-8   Perimeter format Octopus
46673-0   Color vision
62681-2   PhenX – color vision protocol
70942-8   Ocular alignment and motility
70948-5   Ocular physical exam
28630-2   Tonometry study
66068-8   Cornea thickness Eye-left
64744-6   Cornea thickness Eye-right
29004-9   Tear secretion 1 Eye-left Schirmer test
29003-1   Tear secretion 1 Eye-right Schirmer test
29006-4   Tear secretion 2 Eye-left Schirmer test
29005-6   Tear secretion 2 Eye-right Schirmer test
41807-9   Orbit CT
36777-1   Orbit MRI
36886-0   Orbit X-ray
32425-1   Cornea, Physical Findings

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