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Promoting Interoperability

Computerized Provider Order Entry
Posted: December 25, 2018


CPOE is defined as the provider’s use of a computer to enter medication, laboratory, and radiology orders.  The CPOE process requires the doctor to have a computerized documentation of the order for purposes of assuring patient safety and for proper organization of the record.  It is not required that the order be electronically transmitted.

PI Objective and Calculation

The objective is to use computerized provider order entry (CPOE) for medication, laboratory, and radiology orders directly entered by any licensed healthcare professional who can enter orders into the medical record per state, local, and professional guidelines.

3 Measures:

  • >60% of medication orders recorded using CPOE
  • >60% of laboratory orders recorded using CPOE
  • >60% of radiology/diagnostic imaging orders recorded using CPOE

Denominator for calculations:  Number of orders written within the reporting period

Numerator for calculations:  Number of orders entered using CPOE during the reporting period

Note: calculations are performed separately for each type of order.

EXCLUSION:  EPs who write fewer than 100 medication, laboratory, or radiology/diagnostic imaging orders during the EHR reporting period would be excluded from that part of the requirement.


Promoting Interoperability Discussion

RevolutionEHR allows for any order to be entered via computerized entry.  It is expected that doctors will have all of their medication prescriptions written using the Med Rx component of RevolutionEHR using the “Create Rx” button, or through our integration with the e-prescribing source RxNT.

If doctors are writing orders on paper, even if a scanned copy of that written order is uploaded into the record, it is necessary that the doctor keep a manual count of those since they would reflect the number of orders being written without CPOE and must be counted in the denominator.  This is not a number that is trackable by RevolutionEHR but is necessary for the doctor to report during attestation.

In the event that a paper-based order is later added to RevolutionEHR, the “Originated without CPOE” box should be checked.  This will allow the order to count in the denominator of the calculation, but not the numerator.

Laboratory and radiology orders are entered using the “Orders – Medical” component and differentiated by the use of the “Type” radio selector within the main Orders – Medical slider.  For more information on the use of Orders-Medical, please see the Orders – Medical User Guide.

Official CMS Fact Sheet


Performing CPOE is an easy process for RevolutionEHR users and compliance with this objective has been very easy historically.





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