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Promoting Interoperability

VDT Access
Posted: December 25, 2018


EHR technology should enable a provider to deliver patients with timely access to their health information as it is logged in the EHR.  The data may be accessible in an online patient portal or a personal health record (PHR).

PI Objective and Calculation

The objective is to provide patients the ability to view online, download, and transmit their health information within 48 hours of the information being available to the EP.  Additionally, the patients health information is available for the patient using any application of their choice configured to meet the technical specifications of the Application Programming Interface (API) in CEHRT.


  • More than 80 percent of all unique patients seen by the EP during the EHR reporting period are provided timely (within 48 hours after the information is available to the EP) online access to their health information to View, Download, or Transmit and by API.

Denominator for calculation:  Number of unique patients seen by the provider in the reporting period.

Numerator for calculation:  The number of patients in the denominator who have timely (within 48 hours after the information is available to the EP) online access to their health information via RevolutionPHR.


  • An EP neither orders nor creates any of the information listed for inclusion as part of the measures; or
  • An EP that conducts 50 percent or more of his or her patient encounters in a county that does not have 50 percent or more of its housing units with 4Mbps broadband availability according to the latest information available from the FCC on the first day of the EHR reporting period may exclude only the second measure.


Promoting Interoperability Discussion

Providing patients electronic access to their health information helps them and their caregivers be more engaged in their care. In addition, when patients move or transfer providers they have the ability to provide their health information to their new provider(s), improving care coordination and management.

RevolutionEHR allows users to deliver patients their health information via the RevolutionPHR online portal.  To grant access to the portal, the user should access the Login Information slider in the Demographic pod under the Login Access slider.

There, clicking the Edit button and then the Allow Login checkbox will create access as long as the patient has a documented email address.  In the event that an email address is not available, any unique string of characters across the entire RevolutionEHR database will work as username.  A temporary password can be generated by clicking the Random button to assure HIPAA qualification of protecting health information.  The patient must have logged access credentials to RevolutionPHR and the provider must have signed the record within 48 hours of the encounter to meet this requirement.

Access to this site can be attained via  RevolutionEHR customers may deliver this address to patients or they can post this URL as a link on their practice website.

As part of 2015 Edition certification, RevolutionEHR has made an API available to external developers who might build applications to help patients access their clinical data.  No actions on the part of the provider are required to satisfy this requirement.  Additionally, no patient data is shared via API without a series of events involving the practice, patient, and 3rd party vendor.  Please contact customer support for additional details.

Official CMS Fact Sheet


Meeting this measure of the objective is expected to be of moderate challenge as the user needs to establish procedures to provide a set of RevolutionPHR login credentials for at >80% of the patients seen during the reporting period and sign encounters within 48 hours.

Of additional importance is that each and every encounter the patient has during the performance period must be successful in these regards.  As an example, if the first visit fails to satisfy the numerator but all subsequent visits during the period are successful, the patient will still count against the provider as a result of at least one visit being unsuccessful.





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