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RevolutionEHR Release 6.2.9
Posted: August 17, 2015

The release of RevolutionEHR 6.2.9 is now live and brings several enhancements and fixes – most notably in the areas of ICD-10 Preparation and Mobile Optimization.

ICD-10 Preparation
In preparation for the transition to ICD-10 diagnosis codes, the following will occur automatically with this release:

  • The list of “Common ICD-9 Diagnoses” will be converted to “Common ICD-10 Diagnoses” for you.
  • Any Care Plan Template associated to an ICD-9 code will also be copied to the converted ICD-10 code for you.

ICD-10 Webinar: Join Dr. Scott Jens, CEO of RevolutionEHR as he shows the various methods in RevolutionEHR to put ICD-10 to work for you and your practice. The webinar is scheduled for September 1st, 2015 at 8:00pm CDT and you can register by clicking here. The webinar will be recorded and made available on INSIGHT.

For more information on the transition to ICD-10, please check out our ICD-10 Resource Page on INSIGHT by clicking here.

Mobile Optimizations
The 6.2.9 release also introduces a set of enhancements focused on optimizing your mobile experience with RevolutionEHR and reducing the need for Adobe Flash.

You will now be able to check your schedule, send and respond to messages and create or update tasks from your mobile device. Simply login to RevolutionEHR just as you do today to access these features from anywhere.

Mobile optimized functionality will continue to be added in subsequent releases to enhance your mobile experience with RevolutionEHR and completely eliminate the need for Adobe Flash.

Login Screen
The login screen has been updated to a mobile friendly design and layout.

Login Screen

The lock screen has also been updated to display the full name of the person that is logged in and also display a profile picture if one is saved to the user’s profile.

Navigation Bar
The navigation bar has been enhanced to adjust to any size screen for better mobile viewing and navigation.

Navigation Bar

Patient Search
The Patient Search is now a part of the navigation bar.  This change allows you to easily search for a patient no matter where you are in the application.

Patient Search

Home Screen
The newly designed home screen provides mobile access to a quick snapshot of your schedule, tasks and messages while walking around the office or on the go.

Home Screen

We highly encourage you to spend a few minutes in your Sandbox environment starting today to view the new login screen, navigation bar and home screen optimizations for mobile. If you need assistance with logging into the Sandbox please contact customer support. You can find your Sandbox environment by clicking here.

Mobile Optimizations Webinar: Join Tracy Steenis and Julie Beecher for a brief webinar reviewing the new look and functionality of the log in screen and home page coming in release 6.2.9. View the recorded webinar here.


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