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What is the proper way for creating eyeglass prescriptions?
Posted: June 16, 2011

We frequently have questions from users about the creation and authorization of spectacle Rx’s.  This is the most efficient and accurate way to create and utilize spectacle Rx’s:

At the conclusion of every “comprehensive” encounter that includes a refraction, efficiently creating and reviewing the Rx as well as making recommendations for the fabrication of the Rx is critical.  Our system allows you to streamline the process by using data that is already in the medical record as the basis for the Rx, preventing transcription or data entry errors.

Once the refraction data is entered into the medical record, typically in the “final refraction” test, or sometimes via the “Distance Refraction” or “Cycloplegic Refraction Test”, creating an Rx from any of the refraction data from that day’s encounter is quick and easy.   In most cases, a staff member can create the Rx, making it available for doctor review. Once any modifications are made, the doctor then authorizes the final Rx.

This screen shot shows the screen for selecting which refraction data the Rx is based from.  Once it is chosen, create a Pending Rx.

As you can see from the screen shot, it is useful to set up the “Optical Review” workflow step to be at the end of encounters.  Opening the Pending Rx enables the Rx to be completed as documentation is completed for this encounter.  The Rx can then be printed for the patient.





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