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Error 4 Explanation
Posted: July 19, 2016

This error is generated by having more than 4 diagnosis codes on 1 line item on the invoice. The error occurs when attempting to submit claims.
Claims with these errors can be found and corrected in Administration > Accounting > Claims > Search Claims

Choose ‘error’ in the Processing Status dropdown and ‘search’ in the far right.


You can see the reason for the error by hovering your cursor over the word ‘error’


You can hover your cursor over the diagnosis column or widen the column to see the entire list of diagnoses. Double click on the line item to remove the extra diagnosis codes.


Once the invoice has been updated, place a checkmark in the first column of the grid and in the bottom right ‘mark the claim for resubmit’.



This will update the status of the original claim to cancelled and generate a new pending electronic claim that can be submitted back to your clearinghouse





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