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RevolutionEHR Update - Looking Forward to an Amazing 2017
Posted: December 20, 2016

Hello RevolutionEHR users!

I hope this message finds you doing well. I wanted to share a few updates and insights into how the RevolutionEHR team is tirelessly working to support you and your practice as we head into a new year.


We’ve invested significantly in the RevolutionEHR technology infrastructure in the past eighteen months. We have a team of engineers dedicated to constantly assessing and upgrading the system, and we will maintain an unrelenting focus on regular and uninterrupted access to RevolutionEHR.

As for the software itself, our growing team of software developers and product managers are providing a constant stream of enhancements in the way RevolutionEHR looks and performs. By now we had hoped to have enhanced many of the modules more than may be visible to you, but the behind-the-scenes work is significant and ongoing.

One of those behind-the-scenes efforts involves a very focused team that is reworking the patient encounter part of the software. This team includes a group of RevolutionEHR users providing input during the design and development process.

The team is primarily focused on improving the workflow and efficiency during the exam. We know there is a desire for iPad enabled exams, and with any major new capability we release, you will experience the added benefit of using any device, iPads and iPhones included.

Another effort is focused on overall accounting improvements. Again, this team includes input from RevolutionEHR users to provide input during the development process.

There are many other enhancements and user requests being worked on for constant improvement. It is a challenge to satisfy every RevolutionEHR user equally with every release. User feedback and input is key to our prioritization. Please know that our commitment is to continual advancement toward increased efficiency and usability with RevolutionEHR in your practice – and that effort will never stop.


In parallel with the focus on advancing the RevolutionEHR software, one of my largest initiatives in 2016 was to launch and grow a new business services company to deliver a wide array of compelling service offerings to practices on RevolutionEHR. This all began a few years ago with a couple of subscription-based services that we made available only to RevolutionEHR users.

And that’s really the key… it all started with RevolutionEHR.

We are immensely grateful that you chose to implement RevolutionEHR, and frankly that’s enough, but given my history as an optometrist who has owned practices, I have urged our team to be willing to consider offering you a variety of optional services that your practice can choose to significantly improve your operations.

Formally launched about a year ago, Rev360’s mission is to deliver more profitability and joy to practices on RevolutionEHR by immersing them with a growing suite of RevolutionEHR-enabled business services.

Some of these RevolutionEHR-enabled services will be new add-on technology that can streamline your practice to allow staff to refocus on patients. Others are human-enabled services like RevCycle and RevAspire, where we provide experts for outsourcing your time-consuming activities to our team so that your eye care team can get back to focusing on your patients.

Rev360 will be bringing some compelling new service offerings in 2017. You might choose some of them, or perhaps none… it’s always up to you. I will highlight three examples, here, that are currently in-progress with ongoing development and beta testing:

  • SmartFlow for Sight™ (SmartFlow) – an ordering processor that will significantly reduce the amount of time your team takes to order vision-correcting products from your favorite product suppliers, via direct technology integration.
  • A new automated patient engagement system that is embedded in RevolutionEHR to message patients.
  • An ECP-led coaching service for the entire eye care team, aiming to help your practice focus on its key performance indicators and to implement best practices that will help your practice get better.

In Summary

While we tirelessly improve the core RevolutionEHR software platform and cloud delivery system, we are simultaneously building additional services that you can assess and optionally employ to drive more profitability and joy for your eye care practice.

With nearly 200 employees to serve you, I want you to know that our team is totally committed for a strong finish to 2016 and an amazing 2017. I have employed the team-building and employee information-sharing protocols in an amazing book called “Team of Teams” by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, and you might find it a good read for your practice!

We are grateful for your support.

Finally, please accept a huge thank you from our entire team for making RevolutionEHR the 2016 EyeVote Reader’s Choice Award winner for EHR Company as announced by Vision Monday and 20/20 Magazine. What a wonderful honor to receive as we close out 2016.

We remain committed to your success and welcome your comments, critiques, and feedback.

Warm regards for your continued success,

Scott A. Jens, OD, FAAO





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