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SmartFlow and the Rev360 GPO
Posted: January 22, 2017

In late 2016, we introduced SmartFlow for Sight™ (SmartFlow) and the Rev360 GPO.  We want to share more of the SmartFlow story with you as you might be asking – what is the business rationale for SmartFlow?

About 2 years ago, the idea for SmartFlow started with this nagging question… “Given the technology available in today’s world, why is it still required that eye care practices jump back and forth between supplier websites, portals, emails, phone calls, faxes, and even snail mail to place and chase orders?”

The simple answer to that question is, “It should be easier.” And that answer led to a new conviction – we have the technology, imagination, expertise, and team to build an ordering system that will enable our users to order vision-correcting products directly from suppliers, all seamlessly within RevolutionEHR. And so we declared, “we need to do this!”

And that’s what we did. Our commitment in building SmartFlow is to enable and support RevolutionEHR users with the simplest, most efficient, and accurate ordering experience. With SmartFlow, order details will simply be entered once into RevolutionEHR and then SmartFlow will take over – instantly submitting the order directly to the product supplier. As the order moves its way through the supply chain, real-time order status and tracking will be updated automatically within RevolutionEHR.

With the entire SmartFlow ordering process delivered seamlessly within RevolutionEHR, we put on our “Rev360 hat” to build relationships with any vendor, distributor, or manufacturer of vision-correcting products, asking each to be a Product Partner of SmartFlow as defined by the terms of our Rev360 GPO Membership Agreement. The Rev360 GPO is a “group purchasing organization” that provides business terms for Product Partners to offer their products to RevolutionEHR users for ordering via SmartFlow, and that also protects and represents you as a “member.”

The Rev360 GPO business terms for Product Partner participation are simple:

  • Build a seamless order fulfillment technology integration for SmartFlow
  • Provide a catalog of products for RevolutionEHR users to order via SmartFlow
  • Price those products specifically for RevolutionEHR users to order via SmartFlow
  • Provide a minimum of a 1% rebate to RevolutionEHR users for orders via SmartFlow
  • Provide Rev360 a small, fixed percentage of each transaction to cover the costs to build, enhance and support the SmartFlow technology so it is free for RevolutionEHR users

Our commitment in facilitating the Rev360 GPO is to employ the following market principles – especially in terms of participation and pricing:

  • Rev360 provides SmartFlow at no cost to RevolutionEHR users
  • Rev360 welcomes any product supplier to become a SmartFlow Product Partner (see terms above)
  • Rev360 will not offer exclusivity to any SmartFlow Product Partner
  • Rev360 will not negotiate product pricing with any SmartFlow Product Partner

Furthermore, we want to be clear about how SmartFlow and the Rev360 GPO will work in relation to your other business relationships:

  • Rev360 is providing the Rev360 GPO as an alternative, not a replacement, for agreements you may have with other member groups.
  • Prices on orders placed via SmartFlow are based solely on the pricing that the Product Partners have chosen to specifically offer RevolutionEHR users who order their products electronically via SmartFlow
  • Prices on orders placed through traditional means will continue to be related to other member groups you may be aligned with
  • We encourage you to continue to enjoy the numerous member benefits other groups provide

You can find more information about the Rev360 GPO and how to sign the agreement here. I encourage you to take just a few minutes to accept the Rev360 GPO Membership Agreement (there is no cost to do so). Here is all you will need to do:

  • Review the Rev360 GPO Membership Agreement as electronically distributed to every RevolutionEHR practice owner within RevolutionEHR’s Administration section
  • Accept the Agreement, at no cost, for SmartFlow’s ordering service to be available for you to order directly from participating Product Partners
  • Stay tuned for upcoming announcements of each SmartFlow Product Partner’s offering of products and pricing, and when you find suitable partners, click a “turn it on” button for any partners you choose.

We are confident that SmartFlow will be one of the most compelling new offerings that we are providing RevolutionEHR users.

We are so grateful for your trust in us. Please know that in everything we dream about or are crazy enough to go do, we have your back!





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