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Announcing OOGP Ordering via SmartFlow
Posted: March 15, 2017

Dear RevolutionEHR Customers,

I am pleased to announce that OOGP has become the first of many SmartFlow Product Partners and will be available for ordering via SmartFlow beginning Wednesday, March 22nd.

Please join us for our OOGP Ordering via SmartFlow webinar on Wednesday, March 22nd. The webinar will include a brief overview of SmartFlow and the Rev360 GPO, a demonstration of submitting an OOGP order via SmartFlow, how to “opt-in” with OOGP as a SmartFlow Product Partner and a time for Q&A. We are offering two different times for this webinar:

Wednesday, March 22 – 11am CDT

Wednesday, March 22 – 2pm CDT

In the meantime, to prepare for ordering from OOGP via SmartFlow, you must first accept the Rev360 GPO Membership Agreement, at no cost, in the admin section of RevolutionEHR – see this link for instructions. If you’re a current customer of OOGP, we encourage you to have your account number and ship-to location number handy, as you will need that information to configure SmartFlow for OOGP ordering. If you do not currently have an account with OOGP, you will need to create one with them before submitting OOGP orders via SmartFlow.

For more general information on SmartFlow and the Rev360 GPO, please visit the overview on Insight.

I want to offer a special thank you to Pat Leenknecht, OOGP VP of Sales and Marketing, and the entire OOGP team for their early adoption and participation with SmartFlow and in sharing our vision to provide a much more efficient and accurate ordering experience for all RevolutionEHR users.

There will be more SmartFlow Product Partners to come soon!

Scott A. Jens, OD, FAAO





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