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October 1st ICD-10 Update
Posted: September 28, 2017

On October 1st, a number of new ICD-10 codes will go into effect. Rev360 provided an early look at these updates in a document we published in July: here

To best prepare your practice to use the new codes on October 1st, RevolutionEHR will be updating it’s ICD-10 database on September 28th. This means that when you log into RevolutionEHR after September 28th, you will be able to search for and select the new codes in advance of them being active. Importantly, these codes should not be added to a claim for a date of service prior to October 1st, 2017.

It will also be very important during this two day window of time to recognize that a number of codes will be “phased out” on October 1st. To assist your navigation of this process, RevolutionEHR will do three things:

  1. All currently active codes due for deletion from the ICD-10 codeset on October 1st will be color-coded red
  2. Any code due for deletion will feature a tooltip reminder that the code should not be used on or after October 1st
  3. All codes due for deletion will feature the “Convert” icon and conversion modal to allow you to efficiently select the most appropriate new code and link your historical care plans

You can learn more about this update to the ICD-10 codes in RevHelp.





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