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Pulse (beta) Now Available to all RevolutionEHR Users
Posted: October 25, 2017

After conducting a very successful initial Pulse beta program with a growing subset of RevolutionEHR users, we are happy to announce that Pulse (beta) is now available to the entire RevolutionEHR user community.

Pulse (beta) is a practice performance dashboard that helps you manage your eye care business – all from within RevolutionEHR. Pulse (beta) provides you instant, robust views into your practice data to track KPIs, analyze and explore trends, and compare performance metrics across the practice.

This initial offering of Pulse (beta) includes interactive views of 16 metrics across 7 performance categories with data going back as far as 2016 and more historical data being added daily. We encourage you to spend some time familiarizing yourself with your practice performance data within Pulse (beta) and look forward to your valuable feedback to enhance and expand the capabilities of Pulse (beta).

Pulse (beta) is available by default to anyone who has Administrator permissions within RevolutionEHR. To learn more about configuring other users and an overview of Pulse (beta) metrics, check out our introduction video and the Pulse section in RevHelp.





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