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MIPS Data Submission

Introduction to 2018 MIPS Data Reporting
Posted: December 17, 2018

As the end of the year draws near, our attentions will soon need turn to the reporting of 2018 performance data to Medicare.  As in the past, Rev360 is committed to assisting you in that process.  Expect that we’ll provide you with resources like this article series, guidance documents, videos, and discussion to make your process as pain-free as possible.  So spread the word to your RevolutionEHR colleagues with questions that this area of Insight could be useful in the weeks ahead.

A few key ideas to get us started down that road:

1)  2018 performance data will need to be submitted no later than 3/31/19.  The start date will likely not be the 1st of January, but rather “as soon as technically feasible”.  Meaning, the data submission systems will be ready when CMS says they’re ready.  We’ll be sure to let you know when that is.

  • MIPS scores are based on your performance data in 4 categories: Promoting Interoperability, Quality, Improvement Activities, and Cost.  While you are not required to submit data for every category, they all can play a role in your final score.  Thus, a clinician who submits data for 3 has the potential for better scoring than a clinician who submits data for fewer.
  • An eligible clinician must submit data for at least 2 categories if they hope to see an increased reimbursement in 2020.
  • An eligible clinician must submit data for at least 1 category to avoid a penalty in 2020.
  • How do you know if you need to report data?  Head to and use the NPI tool.  That tool will return your eligibility status at each and every Tax ID you provided care under during the review window.

In the coming days we’ll focus on a specific aspect of the data submission process with hopes that it helps the RevolutionEHR community’s collective understanding and stimulates discussion.  Much of that discussion will take place on the Quest for Excellence facebook group that you can join here.

As always, if you’d rather outsource your reporting work the RevAspire service remains an option for you.  The RevAspire team would handle all aspects of  reporting including analyzing performance periods to identify optimal scoring periods, submitting that data, and then managing it all for future use should an audit need arise.  More on RevAspire here.





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