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Posted: May 9, 2018

myRev is our mobile app that provides you simple and secure access to your patient schedule and patient information

from your smartphone or tablet. myRev is fully HIPAA-compliant and utilizes the same encrypted protocols implemented for RevolutionEHR.

Whether at a conference, a child’s activity, on the golf course, or simply on the go, myRev provides you access to your daily schedule and messages from anywhere – right from your smartphone.

While most doctors use myRev to check tomorrow’s patient schedule on the go, there is a bunch of cool stuff you can do with myRev:

  • Calendar Navigation – navigate by day, week or month to see the schedule for a certain day
  • Schedule Filtering – filter your schedule by provider and location
  • Appointment Details – see the details of any appointment on your schedule
  • Patient Details – see the details of any patient on your schedule
  • Messaging – check your messages on the go
  • Message of the Day – every time you login, you’ll see the message of the day

Download the App for iOS, Android or access it through a mobile web browser





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