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What's Your One Thing?
Posted: June 24, 2019

Have you ever noticed that many eye care practices tout quality of care, a high level of service, and low costs?  The astute observer will ask “How can all three of those be true?”  For example, how can a practice that invests in the latest technology (quality) and the best employees (service) charge low fees?

In reality, it is VERY hard to achieve all three: quality, price, and service.  Businesses that accept that they cannot be all things to all people have already cleared a major hurdle in defining a strong and guiding path forward.  For a great read with plenty of case studies in this area, consider the book “Uncommon Service: How to win by putting customers at the core of your business” by Francis Frei and Anne Morriss.  A fundamental point in the book is that many succeed not by trying to be everything to everyone, but by being great in a specific area.  They go “all in” on that idea and strategically choose not to compete in other areas because they know it will steal attention from being the absolute best in their chosen area.

As an example, can a practice that promises the “unparalleled patient experience” consistently deliver on that if the front office team is frequently occupied doing tasks outside of caring for the patients walking through the door?  Probably not.  Thus, if patient experience is the focus, the practice would be doing itself a favor by offloading activities that steal attention away from providing the best experience in town.

With that in mind, what’s your one thing?  What can you be the absolute best at in your community?  We’d love to hear your thoughts or even help you through this thinking exercise.  Let’s talk through it together:

(is there an email address / process we could use here that all 3 KAMs could receive and then claim based on practice?)





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