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RevolutionEHR Application Status Dashboard Overview
Posted: March 17, 2012

The RevolutionEHR Application Status Dashboard is a valuable communication tool that helps us keep you informed of any issues we are facing that may be affecting your experience with RevolutionEHR.  It also helps you determine if issues you are experiencing are being caused by RevolutionEHR or something you may need to resolve locally at your practice.

RevolutionEHR Status

The dashboard displays a visual operational status level (no issues, service interruption or service outage) for the areas mentioned below.  Please know that we are continuously monitoring the RevolutionEHR application servers as well as the performance of out data center.  Whenever we determine a problem with an area below, we will update the operational status level in the dashboard and also post the details that describe the problem.

  • Internet Status:  Indicates the status of internet service across national, regional and major ISP levels.  Local ISP issues will not be reported.
  • Data Center Status:  Indicates the status of our Data Center services.  Please note, our Data Center is world class and maintains “five nines” uptime (99.999%).
  • Application Status:  Indicates the status of the core RevolutionEHR application servers, including database servers.
  • Reporting Server Status:  Indicates the status of the RevolutionEHR reporting servers.
  • Partner Service Status:  Indicates the status of the services that are delivered by web-based partners such as Gateway EDI and RxNT.
  • Patient Portal Status:  Indicates the status of the RevolutionPHR service.

Latest Status Updates

Every time we have an issue to report we will not only update the visual operational status level indicator, but we will also post a descriptive text update that describes the nature of the problem, the date and time it occurred and an expected duration when possible.  These status updates will remain posted for 48 hours and can always be retrieved later by clicking the Show Status Update History link.

Uptime Statistics

Uptime is a measurement of the time RevolutionEHR has been operating without any downtime from a particular point in time.  Our uptime calculation includes downtime associated with our Data Center and our core Application Servers.  Our uptime calculation excludes downtime associated with scheduled maintenance intervals.





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