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What should you do if the patient pays their co-pay before an invoice for that charge has been created?
Posted: February 26, 2012

1) From patient file>account, create a new patient invoice.

2) Authorize the empty invoice, click receive payment.

3) Apply all payment information. At this point you should see a credit on the patient’s account for this payment.

4) Then, you will want to change the status from paid back to active and also from authorized back to pending. To change the status from paid to active, look for the little blue icon next to the ‘paid’ status (status is located below location and provider on the invoice).

5) When the billing takes place in the exam, the staff will bill to insurance and use the patient portion button to apply co-pay. They will have the option to put this co-pay on the invoice that has already been created.

6) Once the co-pay is applied, change the invoice back to authorized and back to paid. Everything at this point should match and there should be no credit or no balance due.





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