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How do you link the policy holder to the patient’s insurance?
Posted: February 26, 2012

In order to list someone as policyholder other than ‘self’, that person should be connected as a family member or contact. You can add the policy holder into the system and link as family member or contact ahead of time or you can do this on the fly.

In the patient file> insurance, you will click the ‘add coverage’ button. A new window will open and you can choose all coverage details. In that window, find the policy holder section and click the little button next to it. A new window appears and you can select the family member or contact and then also select their insurance policy before clicking the ‘ok’ button. Please see screen shot below.


Once this has been done, the policy holder should list the correct name and you can select the relationship from the patient to the policy holder from the drop down menu. In the example above, the patient is Benjamin Smith and Heidi Smith is being set as the policy holder.





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