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eRx Coupons/Discounts
Posted: April 30, 2012
by John Warren, OD

While I like to help my patients control the cost of their prescription medications, I’m not good at remembering to hand out coupons/rebates, etc., at the time that I e-prescribe a medication.  But this week things changed, for the better.

I was provided with a string of codes by my Alcon rep which provide my patients with savings on two Alcon medications.  These codes are for Pataday and Tobradex ST, each providing patient savings for cash pay and copay/partial coverage insurance payments.  All we did was set up custom signatures for Pataday and Tobradex ST with the codes in them, and now when I prescribe these medications, the codes go to the pharmacy in the comments section of the Rx.

If you prescribe these medications often, be sure to ask your Alcon rep about these codes and get things set up in RxNT to make your life easy and help your patients control their medication costs.  Below are the signatures which can be found under “Utilities” and “Scripts” in RxNT.  I don’t know if these codes will work everywhere, but they were provided to me by my Alcon Rep.





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