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Shortcuts for Entering Data
Posted: May 29, 2012

Here is a list of 15 commonly used keyboard and mouse short cuts for entering data.

1)  F8 (Fn/F8 on a Mac)– Allows you to open a document into a csv file.  Then you can save it to a spreadsheet as long as you have Microsoft Excel or download for free. For more information on this, please click:

2)  F11– Allows you to expand the screen by hiding your toolbars. In some browsers you will have to click in the URL and then click F11 to make it full screen.

3)  F5– Refreshes the internet browser

4)  F9 (Fn/F9 on a Mac) for OS = OD

5)  The arrow keys on the keyboard work alternatively to the mouse

6)  Double clicking or Ctrl+Shift+T  in a time box gives you current time.

7)  Control + Right Arrow = Next page/screen in an encounter

8)  Control + Left Arrow = Previous page/ screen in an encounter

9)  Tab = Move to next field

10) Return/Enter key = Tab to next refractive field on all Refraction Tests

11) Spacebar = same as the Return/Enter key  to accept entries in most cases

12) For a single select drop-down list (where only one entry can be made), search by first letter or first number by pressing that first letter or number.

13) For a Refraction Test field that collects Axis, Left Arrow = decrease 10, Right Arrow = increase 10, Up Arrow = increase 1, Down Arrow = decrease 1

14) For a Refraction Test field that collects a diopter measurement, Up is +/Down is by .25 diopters.  Right and Left Arrows are full diopters

15) For any field that receives number input, Left Arrow = decrease major step, Right Arrow = increase major step, Up Arrow = increase minor step, Down Arrow = decrease minor step. (Size of major and minor steps is dependent on the test.)





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