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How do you create a contact lens order from a contact lens trial?
Posted: July 7, 2011

Using a trial to place a revenue order is really associating that order to a non-authorized prescription. We would recommend that you don’t do that. However, if you are concerned about it, the staff always has the option to simply use the plus button on the invoice to add the revenue charges. The billing screen is still part of the cl trial order just in case it’s needed. The only change that was made was that a trial order would not produce billable items. We received a pretty significant amount of complaints about those billable items. If your staff would like to create an invoice from within that trial order they can go to the billing slider in the order, single click on the appropriate payer, and hit “create invoice” at the bottom. In that invoice the “+” button can be used to add anything from inventory to the invoice.





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