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Why can't we have a "Pull-Forward" option for all of the tests in the encounter?
Posted: May 2, 2011

In optometry we often see patients with similar workflow each time they visit the office. While nothing in eye care is truly routine, we even use that word to describe examinations that are repetitive in terms of tests delivered and results noted. Due to this consistency, it is common for us to be asked to provide a “bring forward” button for the entire previous examination which would allow a doctor to simply change items that are different, etc. This is highly unconventional in medical documentation and puts the health care provider at risk of documenting care or findings that were not examined or found at the patient’s current visit. We were very purposeful in allowing doctors to review their historical findings on a test-by-test basis, and thus you see the functionality as it is today. While this documentation is certainly more cumbersome that might be desired, every clinical visit must have a separate set of clinical entries that are specific to those tests done on that day. To bring forward all of the results from a previous visit would be analogous to photocopying a previous record, re-dating it, and marking only the changes that might have been noted. While it may feel easier to do so in electronic recordkeeping, it is just not a conventional method.





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