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How do you post an insurance payment?
Posted: October 1, 2012

Below you will find the steps to posting a payment from the insurance company:

1)      Go to the accounting module located at the top of your screen

2)      Click the button that says ‘receive payment’ in the button left corner

3)      Next to payer type, click the bubble that says insurance

4)      Select the appropriate insurance company from list

5)      Click ‘Next’

6)      Choose the appropriate payment method from the dropdown (example: check or EFT)

7)      Put the total amount of the payment in payment amount

8)      A list of all patients that have balances for this insurance company will be listed on the grid

9)      Go through this list and apply payments in the yellow highlighted box based on what the insurance is paying on each patient

10)   Also click the underlined $0.00 in the transfer column to apply any write-offs and/ or balance transfers for each patient

11)   When finished with this process, the total amount in yellow (bottom of screen) should match the payment amount and you can then click the ‘apply payments’ button

12)   A box should pop up to let you know that payments have successfully been posted





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