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Connect with Your Patients through RevolutionPHR
Posted: November 7, 2012

RevolutionPHR is a powerful patient engagement tool available to all practices using RevolutionEHR. RevolutionPHR serves your patient’s needs by providing several connections to your practice through a secure and easy to use portal that is compatible with all devices including smartphones and tablets.

RevolutionPHR allows patients of your practice to:

  • Register as a new patient
  • Update demographics and contact information
  • Book an appointment online with real-time availability view
  • View and confirm upcoming appointments
  • Start the appointment checkin process with an online interview
  • View receipts and account balances
  • Check on the status of their orders
  • Access to record summaries as required by meaningful use

This page offers RevolutionEHR practices an extensive list of resources to aide in implementing all aspects of RevolutionPHR in the practice. Specific topics can also be searched for by using the search feature in the top right corner of Insight.

RevolutionPHR Information
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