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What if data within the encounter appears not to be saving?
Posted: May 21, 2010

Information that is stored in the database cannot be different from one computer to the next. What is happening is that the information is entered on one computer, but will not be displayed on another computer unless that encounter is refreshed (meaning that they open the encounter on the second computer after the data has been “saved” on the first computers).

 Here’s how it works… When an encounter is started or opened, the system goes to the database and pulls all data existing for the encounter. Now, let’s say you do that on computer 1… If someone opens the encounter on computer 2 they will pull the same data you did on computer 1 for that encounter. If they enter new information on computer 2 and hit “next” to save that info, it will display on computer 2 and also save the new data in the database. However, computer 1 will not display that new information because the encounter is now “stale” meaning that it pulled the data before the new info was added, and would need to be refreshed (closed and reopened) to see any new data that has been entered for that encounter.

Now, here’s where a problem can occur that makes it look like data is not saved. If on computer 1 you go to the screen where data was already entered on computer 2 and see that the fields are blank, if you hit “next” on computer 1 you now save the blank fields and over-ride what was entered on computer 2. Because computer 1 was the last one to save data for that encounter, the blank fields are the ones that get saved.





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