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Emergency Access
Posted: January 2, 2013

Emergency access is a feature that we added for Stage 1 Certification for MU.  It required a certified EHR technology to allow any active user at a practice to have unrestricted access to the EHR at any time, regardless of the rules and restrictions that might have otherwise constrained that user from accessing (such as time of day, location, and modules).  When a user uses the emergency access process, our Access Log shows that special access in a unique way.

Based on certification requirements, the application has been enhanced so that emergency access can be given to a specific user(s).  This has been achieved by the addition of an “Emergency Access” checkbox in the login details slider of the employee file in Administration.

This emergency access option is active when logging in using the new emergency access URL:

If a user does not have “Emergency Access” set in their employee file, they will not be allowed to log in when using the emergency URL listed above.  If the user already has normal access at any time of day based on the log in restrictions set for the user, the use of emergency access is not needed.

If a user is allowed to log in using the emergency access there will be no access restrictions set for that user during the emergency log in session. They will have access to all areas of the application.





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