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If a patient has an exam and places an order on the same day, how do you link the invoices together?
Posted: February 26, 2012

In many cases you will want to combine billing for exam and order (eyeglass, contact lenses, etc.) on the same invoice. There is only one place where the invoices can be linked and that is in the billing screen of the order. On that screen, there is a blue look up button next to ‘associated encounter’. When you click here, you will see a list of all previous encounters. Choose the exam from today and click ‘ok’.

If the patient had an exam prior to their order, we do not recommend linking them because the date of service (DOS) is different from the date of the actual order. After you have associated the encounter to the order, you will see any invoices created from the exam. From this point, you can drag the materials on to the invoices. Please note, it does not matter whether you bill the exam first or the order. If the order is billed first, you still associate the encounter and then go back to encounter later and drag the services over to the already created invoices.






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