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RevolutionEHR Release 5.4.5
Posted: April 24, 2013

Along with many small enhancements and fixes, a large part of this release focuses on changes to accounting.  In this version, the invoices have been enhanced to allow for the carry over of a negative invoice balance.  In turn, this also changes how credits are granted to the patient as well as the addition of the ability to track insurance refunds.

RELEASE UPDATE:  Some minor issues were discovered following the release of RevolutionEHR Version 5.4.5.  A new release was completed last night to resolve those issues, however one issue remains and we hope to have that resolved by tomorrow.  Please review the details of the remaining issue here:

A problem still exists within the order that will cause data to be lost if the encounter is associated to the order before the order is updated. We hope to have this issue resolved by tomorrow. In the interim please be sure to update the order before associating the encounter. We understand that this will require that you update the order and then click edit again to be able to associate the encounter, and this is not a logical workflow. We will be addressing this and changing the process to eliminate the potential to lose data as well as improve the flow.

Here is a list of the other minor issues and their resolutions:

  • Patient Quick View: Data would not save in the Patient Quick View unless a dominant hand and dominant eye were selected. This has been resolved and data will save as expected.
  • Vertical scroll in schedule views: Good feedback was received related to the auto scrolling of the various vertical views of today’s schedule. However, it was noted that going to the exact time of day required the user to scroll up if the appointment was even a minute before the current time of day. This has been adjusted to scroll to one hour prior to the current time of day.
  • Common Drugs: Version 5.4.5 was enhanced to default to the “Search Drugs” list when adding a medication. However, a problem occurred that prevented the Common Drugs list from displaying at all. This has been resolved.
  • Payer Balance: With the enhancement that allows an invoice balance to go negative, the payer balance in the patient’s account summary would also display this negative balance. However, if credit was granted, the invoice balance would update but the payer balance would not. This has been resolved.
  • Ship To radio buttons: The Ship To radio buttons within an order would be active even if the order was not in edit mode. This has been resolved to allow the editing of Ship To only if the order is in edit mode
  • Ship To Practice address: When Ship To Practice was selected it was defaulting to the main “practice” address and not the “location” address. This has been changed to default to the address of the location associated to the specific order.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please contact RevolutionEHR Customer Support.

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