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What does it mean if I get a "Session Expired" error message?
Posted: February 11, 2011

This can occur when RevolutionEHR is open on the computer in multiple browser tabs or even multiple browser windows for the same browser. What happens is that  Revolution is opened in the browser there is a “cookie” for the “session”. If Revolution is opened again in another browser window or browser tab, the “session” of Revolution is using the same “cookie”. This is some being done by the browser itself and not Revolution. What this all means is that each Revolution window that is opening is sharing the same “session”. So if one user’s “session” expires everyone else that is logged into Revolution on the computer using the same browser will receive a session expired error.

A “session expired” error will occur when a user is logged in but inactive and the application “locks”. Security dictates that a “locked” session will expired after 30 minutes. To avoid getting a session expired error because you are accessing RevEHR in multiple browser tabs or windows be sure that you always log out of Revolution and do not allow the application to lock, or another option would be to use different browsers. For example one user could be logged in with Firefox and the other with Internet Explorer. In that example, those sessions will not use the same “cookie” because they are different browsers.





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