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How do you set up your care plan library?
Posted: January 7, 2011

Step 1: In administration> data configuration> create care plan items within the 4 available categories (general, medRx, education, & recall). You want to have a good amount in here before you move on to step 2. If you plan to use RxNT, you do not need to set up anything for the medRx category. All recalls should be set up as check out items.

 Step 2: Create care plan templates. A template is created using the plan items that you have already set up. You can pull 4 to 5 care plan items into 1 template. 

 Step 3: You can link your care plan templates to diagnosis codes if you would like. To do this, go to admin> data configuration> diagnosis and then search for a diagnosis code.

Please contact our customer support team for examples of care plan items or care plan templates.





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