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Why am I required to login twice when my session expires?
Posted: January 6, 2011

Security of patient data is really becoming scrutinized with EHR adoption. Thus, during our certification process, we were required to comply with governmental standards that are in place to protect your patient data. For all purposes, you are now expected to log in and log out each time you sit in front of a screen. If you set a long period of inactivity time until your computer goes into “lock” mode, you are putting your patient data at risk for view by unauthorized eyes, but that is your one “out” from this security feature.

In any regard, if the system does become locked after the period of time of inactivity that you have set in your administration section, then you have 30 minutes of time to login again or the system will auto logoff for you. If that happens, you will get the “session expired” notice, and will be prompted to re-enter your password to start a new session. The new session will take you back to the “locked” screen where you will need to reenter your password again. Logging out will avoid the need to enter you password twice.





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