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Can you enter prescriptions into the system before the patient comes in for their encounter?
Posted: October 5, 2010

Yes, you can enter medications, eyeglass Rx and contact lens(CL) Rx into RevolutionEHR in the Rx component prior to starting the encounter.  Inputting data in the Rx component will allow you to enter any start and expiration date necessary. To enter this information into the system, please follow these directions:

1)       Open patient’s file, then open the Rx pod

2)      In the Rx component, you will see 3 separate screens for eyeglass Rx, CL Rx and medications

3)      Open the appropriate screen and click ‘create Rx’

4)      Enter your Rx, choose whether the Rx is external or internal, select your start and end dates

5)      Click ‘update’





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