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RevolutionEHR Data Conversion
Posted: June 14, 2017

The majority of doctors that select RevolutionEHR as their electronic health record solution are moving from an existing practice management solution. As part of the setup process, we will work with you to convert the data from your previous system into RevolutionEHR. The exact data that can be imported into RevolutionEHR depends entirely on what resides in your existing system, the format of that data, and the export functionality of that system. Please view the listing of documents to find your system to assist you in the data transfer process of RevolutionEHR.

File Imports:

We are able to import files (PDFs, documents, etc.) as long as the files are either available on the server or can be exported by the system, and are named properly.  We can import files if:

  • the files have the patient’s ID (that matches the one we use to get PMS data from) in the file name with a consistent delimiter we can use to extract that ID from the name, or
  • If the files are organized into folders such that all the files in a folder go to the same patient AND that folder is named with the patient’s ID, or
  • If there is some kind of index file that lists the patient’s ID with the path and file name (CSV, Tab-separated, Excel…), or

As of 5/18/17, systems we know we can import files from are:

  • OfficeMate (eDocuments)
  • ECR Vault
  • Eyefinity EHR (Visit Summaries and attachments (insurance cards, other scanned documents))
  • My Vision Express Cloud (Exam summaries)
  • Cyclops (Exam PDFs)
  • EZeyeEMR
  • IOPracticeware
  • OD Link (Visit Summaries and attachments)

EHR Data Transfers:

PMS Data Transfers:

RevEHR Data Transfers:

Fields To Export:





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