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ZEISS i.Profiler/i.Scription Device Integration
Posted: November 6, 2013

We’re pleased to announce ZEISS i.Profiler device integration!  Device Integration eliminates the need to enter information collected by refractive devices into the medical record.  Instead, information collected by these devices is imported directly into the test area of the patient exam record within RevolutionEHR, just as if you typed it yourself; greatly improving exam efficiency and accuracy.

We’ve partnered with ZEISS to support the integration of i.Profiler® devices and i.Scription® technology in RevolutionEHR and we will continue to add support for other vendors’ devices. There is no extra RevolutionEHR cost to use Device Integration, and the Revolution Integrator software is available at no cost to you.

To get started, the RevolutionEHR Integrator can be enabled on the Practice Preferences/Partner Integration tab.  Once enabled, your user name and password credentials are displayed there as well.

Once you have your credentials, to set up your ZEISS device integration, start by reviewing our RevolutionEHR Integrator User’s Guide on how to download and set up the Revolution Integrator software.

Then, for specific ZEISS set up information, we encourage you to check out the ZEISS Integration Resources below:

Supported Devices

The following table identifies the ZEISS i.Profiler device models currently supported by the RevolutionEHR Integrator. If you have a device not currently supported, please contact RevolutionEHR to inquire about future support for your device(s).

  • i.Profiler
  • i.Profiler plus

Contact Information

For help with installation and configuration specific to the ZEISS devices and connections, please contact your account rep, or refer to the following:


If you have questions or problems with the RevolutionEHR Integrator contact us at:

Phone: 877-738-3471





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