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When submitting claims electronically, where should I input the correct information in RevolutionEHR for a cataract post op claim?
Posted: August 21, 2013

The action of double clicking on any line item on the invoice opens the Invoice Item Detail window and will allow the user the ability to change the place of service, date of service, and/or add additional modifiers.  Here you will need to add surgery date in the service date boxes, add the needed modifiers and ensure the diagnosis listed matches the surgeon’s diagnoses:

cataractpostop1To edit other information that appears on the claim click on the “Additional Information” slider at the bottom of the invoice.


When this slider opens click “edit” in the bottom right (you will only be allowed to do this if the invoice is “pending”). The numbers to the left of the items correspond to the box on the HCFA.

For Cataract Co-Mgmt. claims choose the surgeon from the referring provider dropdown (make sure you have this providers NPI added in external providers), add your assumed (the day you assumed care) and relinquished care dates (90 days after the surgery date) in box 19. You may find this link to a 90 days calculator handy when figuring these dates:

Ordering provider is only required on DME claims and is not needed on any other claims.



In addition to this you need to add date of surgery to the “initial treatment” field found in the 5010 tab at the top of this screen. Be sure to update to save your changes


Once the claim is set “authorize” the invoice. The action of authorizing the invoice will generate either a pending print or electronic claim.

**Keep in mind, RevolutionEHR’s support team are not billing experts. Each insurance carrier has their own requirements when billing these claims. This is just an example of where data can go on the invoice. If your carrier requires something different, please call into support. As long as you know where on the claim it is required, we can advise you where on the invoice it should go.





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