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How do you search for the next available appointment with a specific doctor?
Posted: March 7, 2012

This depends on whether your office is using appointment “slots” or not.  Slots are a way to specify in the Schedule where specific appointments can be booked.  If you have slots created then you can use the “instant scheduler” option to easily search for the next opening.

 When you book a new appointment there is a section in the new appointment details slider on the right of the schedule that indicates whether or not that appointment is associated to a slot.  Next to that is a look up button that lets you do a search and see all opening that match your appointment criteria (providers and type):









Here you can set your type of encounter, provider and on the right your patient’s preferences. When you have these fields populated, click “search”. In the grid below you will find appointment days/times that fit your search. Once your patient decided on a date and time you can either double click the line item or single click and select.




If you are not currently using appointment slots, we do have a webinar available that reviews this function.  Click on the Help Menu within RevolutionEHR and select “Webinar Archive”.  Then select the “Scheduling and Appointment Slots” webinar.





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