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Google Chrome Time Issues
Posted: October 8, 2012

When Google Chrome is used as the browser for running RevolutionEHR, by default Chrome will use a plug in to run Flash-based programs like RevolutionEHR using their version of a Flash Player instead of Adobe Flash Player. We have confirmed through a Chrome development site that in the release of the newest version of Google Chrome an issue has come out related to Daylight Savings Time.

Originally this issue seemed to only affect Office Hours in RevolutionEHR, but we are now finding that it is incorrectly sending the data related to the times of appointments that have been booked using Chrome since the latest Google Chrome update. It only affects appointments that have been booked for a day on or after November 4th because Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 am on November 4th. Other programs that are run using Flash have reported the same problem when running in Google Chrome.

These appointments appear normal when viewing them using Chrome that is running the Chrome version of Flash Player, but if these  appointments are viewed using another browser, or if the Chrome version of Flash Player is disabled and the Adobe version Flash is downloaded, the appointments will show up in the schedule as an hour later then they were originally scheduled. They are not being converted to standard time before going to the database due to the bug in the Google Chrome version of Flash.

If you have already followed the instructions below to disable the Chrome version of Flash Player and have downloaded the Adobe version, your appointments will be saved in the database as the correct time. If you have been using Google Chrome but have not yet followed the instructions below, we strongly encourage you to either disable the Chrome version of Flash and download Adobe Flash or discontinue using Google Chrome at this time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have followed the instructions below or have changed to a different browser you should review all appointments in your schedule on or after November 4th for accuracy.

Click Here for Instructions on Disabling the Chrome version of Flash Player





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